Friday, March 24, 2017

2017-03-04 - Saturday - Busy, busy, busy

Saturday was Muddy Fun day at Clayworks. As usual we had a nice group of students and volunteers.

At the mid point of the class I usually sit down, finish something on the wheel and tell everyone, "This is our next project...". It always gets a laugh.

Saturday I threw a bottle and we laughed.

I left the room for a while to handle some other things and when I returned several people had copied my bottle! Most of these students had never thrown before and they managed to make bottles with narrow necks. We were amazed.

My bottle.

Student bottle.

Later Karen and I went to the Southern Spring Show and after that to Burton's where we sat at the bar and had some hamburgers.

When we got home I pulled the molding off the kitchen doorway and removed the pocket door so we can fit the new refrigerator through it when it gets here. Yee-ha.


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