Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017-02-20 - Monday - Stuff

On Sunday evening the front burner on our cooktop arced out while I was cooking. After 18 years it finally gave up.

On Monday I checked with GE and found out the replacement element costs $97.00 and the shorted switch costs $85.00. Since we bought the whole cooktop for $165.00 we figured it was time for a new one.

We went to Lowe's and ended up ordering a new glass cooktop which will arrive on March 15.

Yes, I said March 15! I didn't know they were building it specifically for us.

While we were there (during the Presidents Day Sale) Karen found a French-door refrigerator that she really likes. Seeing as our refrigerator is about 27 years old, the new one looked even better.

Since we were out shopping for appliances and our cooktop was down we stopped by one of our favorite local spots for some Chinese food.

Since my laptop died a few weeks ago, I ordered a new one on Amazon. It's running Windows 10 and during the setup I had to answer these questions about privacy. Needless to say, I turned them all off and you should too.

What worries me is that for each question I am asked I figure there are about ten others I don't get any options on. Remember privacy? You know, when every company in the world didn't need to track every bit of information about you 24/7? I do, and the current state of things is depressing.

Remember: Just say, "No."


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