Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016-08-27 - Saturday - Kevin Crowe workshop

Saturday was the first day of the Kevin Crowe workshop. Like so many potters, Kevin is very talented and an extremely nice person. He is quite a potter and shares his knowledge and skills freely. He showed us so many tips and tricks to make our pots better and make it easier to do things.

Kevin wood-fires his pots in a three-chamber kiln. In the first chamber he relies on the wood ash to become a glaze on his pots during the four day firing. In the second chamber he puts his regular glazed pots and in the third chamber he uses salt to glaze the ware.

Demoing a tall cylinder.

The base for a large pot.

Break time.

Some of Kevin's work.

More of the room.

Adding coils to the thrown base to make a larger pot.


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