Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016-06-18 - Saturday - Elder Gallery & Art & Soul of South End

Saturday I was honored to be asked to show some of my work and demo for Clayworks at Elder Gallery for the Art & Soul of South End Festival. Ann Prock, Ju-Ian Shen, Greg Scott, and I were there demoing and enjoying the beautiful day outside. Some Clayworks folks came and hung out with us and several of Larry Elder's customers stopped by. Traffic wasn't overwhelming, but we were a block from the festival so it was about what I expected.

Whenever you have a chance to hang out with your very talented friends and enjoy a day out on a wonderful spring day, it's a good day.

I also had the chance to go across the street for my first visit to the Common Market with Ann for a sandwich. Interesting place, too bad it's going to have to move. I got the Evil Homer sandwich and the Monster Cookie.

A big thanks to Larry Elder and Clayworks for making it happen.

Herb Cohen watches Greg throw and Ann does some handbuilding.

Our professional banner.

My display.

Ann's display.

Greg's display.

Ju-Ian's display.

Near the end of the demo, our friend Vince came by to help us clean up. He was going to check out the festival so I invited myself along to hang out with him. The festival was only two blocks long: one block of art and one block of food trucks, so it didn't take long to cover it.

We ended up at the Wooden Robot Brewery right across from Elder Gallery and had a nice beer.

Going to breweries in Charlotte is a bit strange since people bring there children and their dogs in with them. A woman at our table was wearing her baby on her chest in one of those carriers and her husband/boyfriend had their large dog on a leash under the table. It's fine, just a bit strange at first.

It was so nice to bum around with Vince. I can't remember the last time I took time to just hang out and have some nice conversations over a beer.

"Not Sure" amber.

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