Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016-01-11 - Monday - Delhom Collection and David Bowie

Monday I went to the Mint Museum at lunch with quite a few of the Delhom members to see the Delhom Collection. Brian Gallagher gave a great tour with lots of background information on many of the pieces. It was pretty amazing.

On Sunday night I found out that David Bowie had died. Apparently he had been quietly battling cancer for eighteen months. He lived his life as an artist and died the same way --his way, with dignity and grace.

With everything that's been written about him the last few days there is nothing I can add here that needs to be said.

I was moved by his passing and I pulled out a pencil sketch I drew in 1977 of his portrait from the Changesonebowie album and posted it on Facebook as my small tribute to the man who was a major part of my life's soundtrack.


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