Friday, May 15, 2015

2015-05-08 - Friday - Stephanie's graduation preparation

Friday we all converged on Cullowhee, NC for Stephanie's graduation from Western Carolina University on Saturday. We gathered from Charlotte, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Some came by plane, some by car, and some by RV, but we all came to share the joy of Stephanie's accomplishment.

Friday was also Scott's 50th birthday so we had a cake and celebration for him. He likes lemoncello so we got him a lemoncello cake from Just Simply Delicious Cakes, Desserts, & Confections in Waynesville, and it was wonderful. Debi does all kinds of specialty cakes, too. Check out their website.

Everyone had a good time and things got a bit silly --as usual.

Relaxing after a long trip.

Stephanie has a balloon baby.

Yum... lemoncello.

The birthday boy.

One candle is all you need.

Horseplay is normal.


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