Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015-01-08 - Thursday - Charlie, bowls, and wall packs

Wednesday I was devastated to hear about the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo being gunned down for drawing cartoons. What is the world coming to when people think it's ok to take out a gun and shoot someone for making fun of your religion. I can't think of one real religion that preaches that. It's only the complete perversion of one that would allow it.

After seeing all of the people in France in the streets holding up signs that said "je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) I made a button and have been wearing it since.

This senselessness has got to stop.

Thursday night I went to Clayworks. I slipped last night's bowls and made some more new ones. Onward.

When I was leaving I noticed that all of the wall packs (lights) were working and the building looked good. They have been out at various times so it was nice to see them all on tonight.


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