Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014-03-01 - Saturday - Crackled hands

I only had a couple of hours in the studio today.  I had planned on glazing, but the gas kiln was already loaded when I arrived.  I skipped the glazing and made some new pots.

I decided to make some crackled pots and wanted to add something to them as an accent.  I thought of painting designs on them but didn't have the time so I used my hands.  I really like the design and will experiment further with it.

The one on the left has blue slip and the one on the right has brown slip.  They both have white slip hand prints.  It's interesting to me how the hand print grows as the surface is stretched.

Out of the seven cups I trimmed on Wednesday, four had "S" cracks in the bottoms so now I have three.  It's been a while since I threw cups off the hump and apparently I didn't compress the bottoms well enough.  Live and learn and learn again.


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