Tuesday, November 19, 2013

2013-11-13 - Wednesday - Glaze-a-thon

Wednesday I glazed several pieces because the gas kiln is going to be fired on Monday.  I spent five hours glazing.  It always takes me longer than I expect, especially now since I am using more layers.  I dip, pour, brush, spray, and have a lot of fun.  There's usually some jumping around and dancing involved too.  I really get into the groove sometimes.

I use the fan to quick-dry between layers, but I also love the way it makes the shino scum.  Scumming makes the shino grow crystals on the surface.  You can get scumming if the weather is rainy before the firing or to a lesser degree by using a fan.

Sometimes when one of our shino glazes has not been disturbed for a while we find heavy crystalline growth on the inside of the bucket.  I usually try to get those crystals on my pots.  I'll try to remember to get a photo of the crystals in the bucket next time.


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