Monday, November 18, 2013

2013-11-09 - Saturday - Crazy

Saturday I took part in the inaugural Indian Trail Cultural Arts Center Fall Pottery Sale.  It was a beautiful day and warm enough for just a t-shirt while the sun was shining.  The sale was pleasant, with a steady stream of people coming through.  There are plans to make it a regular Spring/Fall event sponsored by the township so it will probably get bigger in the future.  I'm going to stay with it.

After the sale I packed up my booth, ran home, changed clothes, and zipped over to the Clayworks fundraiser at the Elder Gallery.  I was worried as I handed the key to the valet since my whole show was packed up to the top of the headrests.  I told him to be careful since things might shift and crossed my fingers.

An Evening of Earth & Fire was very well attended and we went above our goal.  It was an evening of old and new friends, good food, and great art.  Larry Elder was very gracious to let us take over his wonderful space for the evening.  If you missed it, there's always next year.

It was a beautiful day.

I really liked this tree across the street.

Then it was on to the Elder Gallery...

Steve and Roy.

Greg discussing art.

Roy and Elaine.

Greg and Peter (and Peter's sculpture).

Gary, Adrienne, and Larry.

Jose' and Herb.

Gary was surprised with a birthday cake during his address.

He made short work of the candle.

We decided the cake knife looked like
someone used it to murder a clown.


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