Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 2 - Class

Wednesday night was class night.  I assembled another "broken vessel", trimmed the pot I made last week, and threw a simple cylinder pot.  I have to tie up the broken vessels so they don't sag while the dry.

Right now I have a lot of bisqued pots to glaze so I will have to forgo throwing for a while to get them glazed and ready for the next firing.

I tried out using my new Droid phone to listen to the Grateful Dead channel on TuneIn radio.  It worked well and we all enjoyed some easy music while working.

Becky showed me her llama sculpture had been fired and it looks GREAT!  I am so happy for her since she fretted about it before the firing and it came through wonderfully.

How can I not be inspired when I'm surrounded by such talented people?



Linda Starr said...

You guys have a great group going there, wish I lived closer.

jbf said...

We sure do. I wish you lived closer too.