Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010-06-05 Saturday - Greg and Adrienne's Sale

Greg and Adrienne had a sale and invited Ju-Ian to participate.  Quite an honor, but she's quite the artist.

The sale was wonderful and I wish I could have purchased several pieces.  The whole deck and yard were full of tables which were in turn full of pots.  As you can imagine the range of the work was amazing and I went through it all at least three times.  While some of the displays were under tents, many were not.  The sun was so hot they put pot holders on the tables in the sun.  I thought that was a practical and yet whimsical touch.

I also drooled while looking at their garden.  Their tomatoes are huge and they have a WALL (fence, actually) of raspberries.  We picked a couple of handfuls and they were delicious.

David and Lisa visiting with Greg.

Some of Greg's work.

Some of Adrienne's work.

More Greg.

Ju-Ian's work.

More Ju-Ian.

More Greg.

Festive sale goers (Ju-Ian is on the right).

The raspberries!
(NOT the Eric Carmen ones...)


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