Sunday, June 6, 2010

2010-05-30 Clayworks - Making with a vengence

I decided I needed to make some more creamer sets since they're fun to make and people seem to like them.  The last batch I made with earthen red and I thought I would like to try a lighter clay with some of our translucent glazes so I made these using little loafers.  Little loafers is a low fire version of loafer's glory.

After seeing Adrienne make them for years, I finally attempted an oval casserole and made a large one using the little loafers.  I am thinking about glazing it with our translucent amber and/or green.  We'll see how it develops.

After that, it was on to glazing some cone 10 pieces because the kiln was being loaded on 5/31.  Work, work, work.  It feeds the soul.

Little loafers creamer sets.

More playful sets.

The oval casserole with the lid slab upside down on top of it.

Glazed cone 10 pieces.

Ju-Ian glazing her work.


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