Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2009-09-29 Tuesday - Clayworks

I was at Clayworks on Tuesday night working on some new forms. I threw a couple of low phoenix casseroles but I'm not sure if I like them enough to keep them. I also threw a closed form in craggy crunch that I flattened to make more of a "canvas" for decoration. I've been thinking about a flattened bottle form for a week or so to create that canvas.

Becky had talked to me about a possible collaborative project for her cave art. She said she wanted to try some larger areas to decorate and I immediately thought of this shape. I hope it works for her but I will be glad to try another shape if she needs it.

Nick was there and we enjoyed our conversation while working on our respective projects. Being a botanist, Nick thinks about plants a lot and makes some great planters for them.

It was a good evening, but I stayed WAY too late. Go figure.

Round, flat, and closed.

More of a side view.

Nick hard at work.

Nick's planters that we raku fired on Sunday.

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