Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2009-09-12 Saturday - Lots of Pottery

Saturday flew by in a flurry of great pottery.

Minke and I went to the 5th Annual Potters Market Invitational at the Mint Museum of Art. It opened at 10:00 am and we arrived at about 10:10 to find it already hopping. Many wonderful artists from our region were in attendance and we visited them all. I'm sure I had a silly (ok, sillier than usual) grin on my face as I made each discovery. Everyone was glad to talk about their process and their vision. I have always noted that potters are a really friendly bunch of folks that love to talk about pottery. Go figure. (I could talk pottery until my wife's ears bleed, so I try to limit myself for her sake.)

I ran into several people that I know and was introduced to a few whose reputations preceded them. It was really fun to catch up with friends and share some of the wonders around us.

I am already looking forward to next year's sale.

As planned, Minke and I met up with Ju-Ian at the sale and headed for Dedmond Pottery in Lawndale for the clearance sale and kiln firing. Before hitting the road we needed to get some lunch and I found out that neither of them had ever been to Mr. K's on South Blvd. We went there and had the Big K with fries. I'm glad I could initiate them to one of the simple joys of Charlotte.

After our repast we were back on our way to Lawndale and Dedmond Pottery for the clearance sale and kiln firing. It was a beautiful day and drive and we had some good tunes on the stereo and some great conversation.

Corine and Hal had quite a bit of great pottery marked down for clearance and I couldn't leave two pieces there. We also went into the gallery and I picked up a mug I had to have. The gallery is actually Hal's grandparents' house and is a great place to show their work. Once I had purchased more than I had planned, we headed up the driveway to check out the kiln firing.

I felt bad since I had volunteered a few months ago to help with the firing, but then I never followed up with it (Me? Go figure). I felt better when I saw Hal had plenty of help for this one, but I do want to help with a future firing. They were at it since 7:00 am and we arrived at 1:30 pm when the temperature was about 1970. They were going to 2300 and it had plateaued for a while, but it picked up again and they were well on their way when we left. I was reminded again what hot work stoking a wood kiln is. If the temperature inside the kiln is 2000 degrees it's probably 1800-1900 degrees at the fire door.

I still want to do it.

Corine showed us the studio, mixing shed, kiln shed, and her new classroom. She is going to hold hand-building classes and already has a waiting list. I wish her the best with it and know she will excel at it.

All too soon it was time to head home again. Corine and Hal truly do have a magical place out in the country and I love to visit them. I want to thank them again for having us out.

Minke at the Mint.

Greg Scott at the Mint.

Ju-Ian, Corine, and Minke at Dedmond Pottery.

Bargain hunters on the prowl.

Lots of great pots for sale in a peaceful setting.

The gallery in the house.

Hal keeping a watchful eye on the kiln.

Praying at the fiery altar.
Actually, everyone was trying to see the back cone packs.

Here's what they were looking at.
They were trying to see through all the flames
to the very back of the kiln.

A little bit closer.

The flames change the view by the second.

Stoking and firing.

The butterflies didn't seem to mind the smoke.

The contained conflagration.

The rest of the pictures are here.

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