Saturday, February 10, 2018

2018-01-21 - Sunday - Slip transfers

Sunday I went in to work on more Empty Bowls and start playing with slip transfers. I've watched Greg Scott work with the process for quite a while and decided to try out what I'd learned from him.

There was a whole lot of glazing going on when I got there.

Students glazing their work.

I settled into the third classroom to try out some slip transfers with underglaze designs I made. I was immediately taken with the process as the designs really popped when I applied them to the bowls.

Let me back up and give you a bit of the process.

First I paint designs on newsprint paper. I start with the black as an outline and apply color afterwards. Since the images will be reversed, the black is on top when applied to the bowl.

Next I cut the designs into strips and apply slip to the bowl and the strip of paper. I then place the paper, slip-side-down on the slip that's on the bowl, and burnish it with a soft rib.

 Finally, I peel the paper off the bowl and the underglaze design is transferred with the slip. As you can see, I played with applying the design to raw clay, to a fully-slipped bowl, and to a half-slipped bowl, using the transferred design to delineate the sections.

I see more experimentation in my future...

Speaking of Empty Bowls, tickets are on sale NOW. If you'd like to attend this wonderful event, please hurry to the website and get your tickets before they are sold out. I'll be there, and you should, too.


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