Monday, August 7, 2017

2017-06-17 - Saturday - Leaving Hawaii

Before leaving for the airport we took a stroll around the man-made lagoon at the hotel and visited the marina.

The lagoon was filled with calm salt water and would be great for families with small children.

The marina was large and full of very impressive boats.

While walking along the edge of the marina I saw a puffer fish. Not just any puffer fish; this one was over a foot long. I'd never seen one that large and quickly grabbed a video of it foraging.

Soon it was off to the airport to start our mind-numbing journey home. We left Honolulu at 5 pm on Saturday, arrived in Minneapolis at 5 am on Sunday, and then in Charlotte at 12 pm Sunday. We didn't get any sleep on the plane and crashed for a while when we got home.

The lagoon.

The marina.

I think it's odd that when I zoom in the audio also appears to "zoom in".


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