Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017-03-16 - Thursday - Clay

Thursday was all about clay.

A bunch of us from Clayworks went to lunch and afterwards went to Herb Cohen's house to see his art collection. It was quite a collection to tour.

This is one of Herb's pieces.

Later that evening at Clayworks Ju-Ian showed me the clay portrait of me that she's been working on. I think she's captured me pretty well.

Look at the second photo, not the first. I included the first one to show how flat the piece looks lying down. As soon as you stand it up and the light creates the natural shadows of a face it looks much more realistic.

Lying down --flat.

Upright, much more natural.

Ju-Ian poking me in the eyes.

Later still, I carved the base of the snorkel pot and finished the abstract piece I was working on.


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