Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016-07-04 - Monday - Knights Baseball Game & Fireworks

Catching up... Highlights.

Monday we went to see the Knights game and the fireworks afterwards. It was hot and we lost, but it was still a nice night out and the fireworks were amazing. They went on for almost thirty minutes.

While we broke the record for attendance at the ballpark, many more people came downtown to Romare Bearden Park to watch the fireworks. When the ballpark let out there was so much traffic downtown it took an hour for the cars in our parking deck to move at all.

Our downtown stadium.

Karen and Stephanie.

Happy Karen, and Stephanie.

Tower cranes spring up everywhere here.

We are getting quite a skyline.

I love the panoramic mode.

Our city looks nice at twilight.

We broke the record!

Stuck in the parking deck by a traffic jam.

We had to wait an hour to leave
so we just sat down to wait it out.


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