Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014-12-05 - Friday - Elder Gallery, Larry Horowitz, Clayworks Holiday Sale & Open House

Friday started out at the Elder Gallery for part of the Lunch with the Artist series with Larry Horowitz. It was a great talk with Mr. Horowitz showing us his handmade pastels and explaining how he makes them. He told us about being Wolf Kahn's assistant for several years when he started out. He works mainly in pastels and oils and many of his works were on display. I really like his work and I've been a fan of Wolf Kahn's for several years.

Let me take a moment to extol the virtues of the Lunch with the Artist series at Elder Gallery. It's a wonderful way to find out about an artist you may not be aware of or find out more about an artist you already follow. The hour gives them a chance to share their inspirations, processes, and philosophy of their work. At ten dollars, it's a very affordable way to expose yourself to some great art and insights.

Larry Elder introducing Larry Horowitz.

Larry Horowitz discussing his work.

In the evening it was over to Clayworks for the annual Holiday Sale & Open House. Our studio artists spent the day arranging their work in the gallery and the studio. It really is quite a transformation into a ceramic wonderland. My friend Sylvia Cobb was kind enough to share some of her photos of the setup and the event.

For the last several years I have done demos during Friday night. I enjoy throwing, talking to people, and answering questions as I work. I am grateful to everyone at Clayworks for allowing me to do the demos.

Kary Coke with some of his work.

Ralph Mello and his creations.

Ju-Ian Shen's work.

Jeff Pender's sculptures.

Hannah putting on the finishing touches.

Ju-Ian with her work.

Greg Scott's work.

Greg and Hannah discussing her work.

Herb Cohen and Jose Fumero.

Herb and Jose visiting with yours truly.

Jack, Ju-Ian, and Karen with Ju-Ian's piece they purchased.

Life imitating art.

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know I love photo series. In this one I caught Ansley was clowning with me while she helped out at the wrapping station with Elaine. The series speaks for itself as she goes from her usual angelic smile to complete mock contempt. (at least I hope it's mock!)


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