Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014-06-06 - Friday - Porch and raku

Friday the electricians came back and installed our fans, lights, and switches.  Now we just need screens and windows to complete the job.

Binkley was worn out after his inspection duties.

Friday night we had a community raku firing at Clayworks and while we had a light turnout, we had a lot of fun.  Everyone brought good food and good spirit.

Raku firing is a dramatic event and there's always a buzz of excitement running through it.  There's the act of working with red hot pots straight out of the kiln.  Whether it's spraying crackle glazed pots with water, applying horse hair to bare pots, or rushing to get a luster glazed pot into the can before it can oxidize, it's a ballet that's carefully choreographed.  Everyone is in the moment while working with these serious materials.

The instant gratification of getting a pot back from the firing within an hour is exciting by itself.  The wonder of what comes out of the cans is palpable.  It's almost never what you expect, but always dramatic.

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