Saturday, April 12, 2014

2014-04-04 - Friday - Elder Gallery and Clayworks Sale

Friday Ju-Ian and I had lunch at the Elder Gallery.  Several other people from Clayworks attended too.  Ceramic artists Peter Callas, Warner Hyde, and Michael Weber were to discuss their work, but Michael was snowed in in Wisconsin.  It was a good discussion and it really got me thinking about my work.  Peter Callas said for him, it was really all about the form and glaze was secondary.

I need to step up my game on form.

That evening was the Clayworks Annual Spring Sale and Open House.  Angela and I did the demos in the front classroom and had a great time as usual.  Below are some photos and a video of Henry's ceramic stereo enclosures.  Henry is a student in Kary's class and he makes great stereo components.

Warner Hyde and Peter Callas.

Panorama of the group.

Henry's stereo.  Those round enclosures are sitting on
a ceramic ring with rubber feet and rubber holders.




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