Saturday, October 6, 2012

September 15 - FIRE!

Saturday was firing day in Lawndale.

We fired the kiln by throwing wood in the firebox until we achieved the correct temperature and the pots were done.

We had a lot of fun during the day and a great lunch, not to mention lots of boiled peanuts.

Afterwards we had a beer and visited for a bit before heading down the road to home.

I can't tell you how great it is to be a part of this firing.  It's fellowship, the joy of making, the anticipation of the finished pots, and enjoying time with the great people doing it.  Hal and Corine have such a wonderful home you can feel the good karma all around you.  It's a magical place and I feel honored every time I visit.

If you have a chance to attend one of their home sales, you can see what I mean.  Don't miss it.

Back to the firing...

During one of the breaks I snapped some photos of the various artwork that sits atop the kiln.

The crew taking a breather.
Adrienne, Hal, Dave, and Chad.

That's over 2000 F.
If you don't think so, stand next to it for a second.

Hot stuff.

Finished with the final blast,
some of the pots are visible behind the flames.
Time to close it up and let it cool slowly.
A job well done.



Linda Starr said...

I've never had boiled peanuts but they sell them everywhere here. love all the clay critters waiting to be fired.

jbf said...

Boiled peanuts are absolutely delicious if you like them like me, but I know a lot of people that can't stand them. To each his/her own.