Tuesday, February 14, 2012

January 30 - Kiln opening

Monday we opened the kiln and were thrilled with the results.  While we don't ever want to fire that long again, at least the outcome was worth the time.

My favorite pot.

You can see my individual pots here.



Gary's third pottery blog said...

rich glaze color, hmmm? :)

Max said...

went to your individual shots, not a bad pot in the lot. Great job. Loved the small bottle and matching vase with the rough textured middle bands.

jbf said...

Thanks! Loving some of my new glaze applications in cone 10 reduction.

Thanks! Those are my favorites too. I'm using a tried and true studio glaze in a new way. Can't wait to explore it more. Believe it or not, those pots only have one glaze on them.

Penni said...

Checked out all the pots too. I really like the tall blue one and the one that is your favorite. The colors on some of the pieces were really different!

jbf said...