Monday, January 16, 2012

December 28 - The Perk

The Perk is a small place in Perkasie, PA that we love to go to during our visits.  The place is always jammed and it's no wonder since the food is amazing and quite reasonably priced.  One of the things I always look forward to getting when we're there is the delicious onion soup.  It's hard to beat.

Of course, the best part about going to the Perk is that we all go together as a family.  It's always good food, good company, and good times --what the holidays are all about.

It tastes just as good as it looks!

Eleven of us at a long table.



Penni said...

I love french onion soup. There are not too many places that serve it and I'm always glad when I find it! But I do not like the onions, just the rest of the soup. I leave a big pile of onions in the bowl when I'm done! Do you think if I ask them to hold the onions, they will????

jbf said...

Probably not, but you can try. :8^)