Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31 - Another Year

Another year has come and gone.

It seems like they are spinning out faster and faster, like an out-of-control carousel.  Forget about grabbing at the brass ring, I’m just holding on tight as it wobbles and lurches off it’s axis.  When I look around, the operator is nowhere to be found.

I seem to spend a lot of time chasing my life instead of living in it.  It feels like I’m always paddling down the wave and never quite reaching the curl.

I don’t want to this to be a “woe is me” post.  I just had to get that out there, but there have been many great things in my life this year.

I have work, and being self-employed, that’s a good thing.  In possibly the worst recession we’ve experienced I have been busy throughout.  Karen has a good job and likes what she does.  Who can ask for more than that?  Wait, there’s more...

Stephanie just finished her first semester in college and got all B’s (and a B+ in biology!).  She has to work hard for each grade and in her words, “was chained to her desk”, in the dorm room while her friends bugged her to go out.  It’s good to know she’s got her priorities figured out.

Meredith is in her junior year of high school and got all A’s and B’s for the first half.  She doesn’t have to work as hard as Stephanie, but since she’s in honors classes she has had to work a bit harder than usual.

Need I say how proud we are of them?  I think not --but I am anyway.  :8^)

Both Karen’s and my families are doing well and are healthy.  As everyone ages health becomes more and more of a concern and luckily everyone is going strong.

We have lots of wonderful friends with whom we enjoy spending time.  If you’re reading this, you know who you are and we’ll be seeing you soon in 2012.

I’m more pleased than ever with my pottery.  I think it’s going in new places and getting a bit of it’s own life.  Onward and upward.

I am thankful for everything in 2011 and am looking forward to 2012.

I think this Scottish toast sums it up nicely:

May the best ye hae ivver seen be the warst ye'll ivver see.
May the moose ne'er lea' yer girnal wi a tear-drap in its ee.
May ye aye keep hail an hertie till ye'r auld eneuch tae dee.
May ye aye juist be sae happie as A wuss ye aye tae be.

The above, in translation, reads:

May the best you have ever seen be the worst you will ever see.
May the mouse never leave your grain store with a tear drop in its eye.
May you always stay hale and hearty until you are old enough to die.
May you still be as happy as I always wish you to be.



Penni said...

Happy New Year to you and your family John. Hope the New Year is all you hope it to be. I really enjoy being able to keep up with you, even if it is online! Someday hopefully we'll see each other face to face! Although I'm afraid you'll take one look and say "My she has gotten so old!!! LOL! Oh well! I prefer that over the alternative! Have a good holiday and see you next year!

Amy said...

Happy New Year, John! Hope 2012 is a great year for you and yours.

Max said...

Great post and greater toast. A wuss ye happie year!

jbf said...

HNY to you too. We haven't gotten any older, everybody else has!

HNY! Hope you have a great year and you're settling in your new digs.

Aye. Have a great year!